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Post-natal Rehabilitation Summit Forum on Chinese and Foreign Special Techniques and Practical Technology Training Course Held Successfully

Release time: November 29, 2019

灸法特色技术专业委员会联合主办 ,湖南颐而康保健连锁股份有限公司、脊骨神经医学专家委员会联合承办的 “产后康复中外特色技法高峰论坛暨实践技术培训班”于2019 11 23-24 日在长沙 远通酒店成功 召开。 The "Postnatal Rehabilitation Chinese and Foreign Special Techniques Summit Forum and Practical Technical Training" jointly sponsored by Hunan Provincial Acupuncture Society's Massage and Health Professional Committee and Specialized Technical Committee of Moxibustion , and jointly organized by Hunan Yierkang Healthcare Chain Co., Ltd. and Spinal Neuromedical Expert Committee "Class" was successfully held at Changtong Yuantong Hotel on November 23-24 , 2019 . 湖南省针灸学会会长、湖南中医药大学教授、博士生导师常小荣教授, 来自新加坡的美国脊骨神经医学博士陈志光、陈莉莉老师, 中南大学湘雅医院主任医师、湘雅名医鄢建勤教授等 9 位医疗及 产后康复届的行业精英,并有来自全国各地如辽宁、山东、广东、广西等医疗和康复届的 140 余位参会学员出席了会议。 The meeting invited Professor Chang Xiaorong, President of Hunan Acupuncture Society, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chen Zhiguang and Chen Lili, PhDs from the Department of Spinal Neuromedicine from Singapore, Chief Physician of Xiangya Hospital , Central South University, and Jianya Qin Professors and other 9 industry elites in the medical and postnatal rehabilitation sessions, and more than 140 participants from medical and rehabilitation sessions from all over the country such as Liaoning, Shandong, Guangdong, and Guangxi attended the conference.


23 日上午,由湖南颐而康保健股份有限公司副总经理彭慧霞女士主持开幕式,湖南颐而康保健股份有限公司总经理周春国先生致欢迎词, 美国脊骨神经医学博士陈志光老师,脊骨神经医学专家委员会主任委员陈朝晖博士,湖南省针灸学会副秘书长刘密教授发表开幕式发言。 On the morning of November 23rd , Ms. Peng Huixia, deputy general manager of Hunan Yierkang Healthcare Co., Ltd. presided over the opening ceremony. Mr. Zhou Chunguo, general manager of Hunan Yierkang Healthcare Co., Ltd. gave a welcome speech. Dr. Zhaohui Zhao, Chairman of the Bone Neuromedicine Expert Committee, and Professor Liu Mi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Hunan Acupuncture Society, delivered opening speeches. 2 天的会议期间里,专家们主要针对孕产婴脊柱矫正、脊骨神经医学产康运用、骶髂关节紊乱评估调整、会阴疼痛、产后盆底运动康复和艾灸疗法特色技术及在女性疾病中的运用等方面进行了深入研讨和交流,引起了参会代表的广大兴趣,得到了参会学员的一致好评。 During the two- day conference, the experts focused on the special techniques of maternal and infant spinal correction, spinal neuromedicine production, assessment of sacroiliac joint disorders, perineal pain, postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation and moxibustion therapy. The in-depth discussions and exchanges on the application of women's diseases have attracted a great deal of interest from the participants and have been well received by participants.

来自新加坡的两位脊柱 老师 深入浅出地为我们介绍了重视孕期整脊医学护理,从而促进更安全分娩以及保护婴幼儿的脊柱健康,为我们打开了孕产 保健服务的知识大门。 On the morning of the 23rd , two spine teachers from Singapore introduced us to the importance of chiropractic care during pregnancy to promote safer delivery and protect the spinal health of infants and children, opening the door to knowledge about maternal and child health services. Dr. Zhaohui Zhao analyzed in detail the application of spinal neuromedicine in postpartum pelvic rehabilitation, introduced postpartum pelvic assessment and modulating technology and demonstrated it on the spot, providing more accurate diagnosis and treatment ideas for postpartum pelvic rehabilitation.


On the afternoon of the 23rd , Prof. Chang Xiaorong and Prof. Liu Mi systematically explained the application of moxibustion therapy in the treatment of women at different physiological stages and the treatment of different diseases, and allowed the audience at the site to experience the Huxiang medicine cake moxibustion, Huxiang Yuancun moxibustion and Huxiang five elements medicine pot moxibustion and other latest moxibustion techniques, all students actively participated in the scene, the atmosphere was active. Peng Na, the deputy chief physician, explained in detail the specific causes of postpartum sacroiliac joint disorders and the symptoms that will occur, and invited models to demonstrate how to correct sacroiliac joint disorders, which was refreshing.


来自 中南大学湘雅医院 的鄢建勤教授从皮肤、肌肉、筋膜、神经等多层次详细讲解女性会阴疼痛的临床综合诊疗思路及触发点技术,为我们产后盆底疾病的康复治疗提供强有力的解剖学依据。 On the morning of the 24th , Professor Jianjian Qin from Xiangya Hospital of Central South University explained in detail the clinical comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of female perineal pain and trigger point technology from multiple levels such as skin, muscle, fascia, and nerves, and provided the rehabilitation treatment for our postpartum pelvic floor disease Strong anatomy. 北京的叶梦为老师为我们 从运动康复医学角度详细讲解了在 产后盆底肌功能的评估、盆底功能障碍治疗思路,并现场教授演示治疗方法,在场所有学员踊跃参与练习。 Ye Mengwei, a teacher from Beijing, explained in detail the evaluation of postpartum pelvic floor muscle function and treatment ideas for pelvic floor dysfunction from the perspective of sports rehabilitation medicine. He also demonstrated the treatment method on the spot, and all the students present participated actively in the exercises. 中南大学湘雅二医院 的李彦 医师 为我们讲解了常见姿势与体态评估操作与指引, 现场分享 案例,让每一个人都快速学会体态评估。 Finally , Dr. Li Yan from the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University explained the common posture and posture assessment operations and guidelines for us, and shared cases on the spot , so that everyone can quickly learn the posture assessment.


国内外跨界整合,现代与传统结合,共研产后康复技术 的主题 进行深入阐述,共享前沿技术和先进的医疗理念,现场互动、实操环节,专家们就康复领域操作的难点疑点,毫无保留地进行了现场演示和交流;全场人员积极参与,现场十分活跃,参会学员纷纷表示此次论坛机会难得、受益良多,希望今后能有更多像这样的交流学习机会 来提升自己的专业能力。 The summit forum has been fruitful. Experts combined with many years of clinical experience to elaborate on the theme of " international and international cross-border integration, modern and traditional integration, and joint research on postpartum rehabilitation technology " , sharing cutting-edge technology and advanced medical concepts, and on-site interaction During the practical operation, the experts conducted on-site demonstrations and exchanges on the difficult and suspicious points in the field of rehabilitation; the entire staff actively participated and the scene was very active. Participants said that the forum had a rare opportunity and benefited a lot. I hope that in the future, there will be more exchange and learning opportunities like this to improve my professional ability. 国内外专家及同行 一起,从专业安全、质量管理、服务提升 、功效提升 等多方面踏实努力, 使 孕产保健康复事业 蓬勃发展。 Yierkang will work with domestic and foreign experts and counterparts to make solid efforts in professional safety, quality management, service improvement , efficiency improvement and other aspects, so that the health care and rehabilitation of motherhood will flourish.

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